Breastfeeding room

In the Small Animal Clinic, a breastfeeding and pumping room is available for nursing mothers of the Vetsuisse Faculty. The room is located on the first floor right in front of the reception, directly opposite the men's checkroom: Room 065, "Schlaf- und Stillzimmer". It is marked with this pictogram:

The room is also used as a bedroom by students at night; this is therefore a provisional double use until the Vetsuisse Faculty can set up a definitive breastfeeding room on the premises. We ask for mutual consideration.

The breastfeeding and pumping room can be locked from the inside. An armchair, a table and a nursing pillow are available. Sanitary facilities are located directly opposite in the ladies' checkroom and a microwave for sterilizing as well as a refrigerator with freezer compartment are located in recreation room 020. A changing table is also installed in the toilet for people with disabilities on the first floor.

If you have any questions about the nursing and pumping room, please contact Babette Roth, Administration Small Animal Clinic (Tel. 2929,

Further information on breastfeeding, diapering, parent-child room at the University of Bern can be found here.

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