Mittelbau (Intermediate Faculty Members) of Vetsuisse Bern

! VACANT POSITIONS ! We are missing following representatives:

  1. New members for the Main Executive Board of the Intermediate Staff (MB-Vorstand). Candidates from all 3 Departments are welcome including young assistants.

Who belongs to the Mittelbau of Vetsuisse Bern?

All scientific employees of Vetsuisse belong to the Mittelbau, with the exception of ordinary and extraordinary professors. By this definition, members include: Doctoral students (Dr. med. vet. and PhD), Assistants, Senior assistants, Research assistants, Lecturers (I and II), Assistant professors, and Associate professors.

Each Vetsuisse Institute appoints a contact person to represent their Institute for votes and elections.

Vetsuisse Berne's Mittelbau Board of Directors

The board consists of six persons, two per department. The current members of the board are:
From the DIP:  Walter BassoSonja Kittl (Secretary)
From the DKV: Katja Adamik, Lucia Unger (Präsident)
From the DCR-VPHI:  Bernhard Völkl, Vacant

Representation on Vetsuisse Commissions

The Mittelbau is represented on all Vetsuisse committees. These are three permanent commissions (Promotion Committee, Research Committee and Teaching Committee) with an additional eight commissions that are currently organized on a temporary basis.

A current list of commissions and representatives can be found at:

P:\MITTELBAU\Info_Alle\LISTE_Vorstand und MB Vertreter ("MB Vorstand-Vertreter-Kommissionen.xls").

Access to the P Drive is open to all members of the Mittelbau, including reader-only rights for the folder "Info_Alle".
Representatives from institutes and commissions also have the right to edit and save documents.
For any question, do not hesitate to contact us (

Vetsuisse Bern's Mittelbau is also represented at the University-level Mittelbau (MVUB, der Mittelbauvereinigung der Universität Bern)

What are the activities of Vetsuisse Bern's Mittelbau staff?

Once a year there is a General Assembly. Information is communicated on regular business and eventually a person from the faculty is invited to speak on a current topic. The General Assembly generally takes place in May-June.

All members of the Mittelbau are kindly invited to take part in the General Assembly.

Before each committee and college meeting, the Mittelbau meets at 12:15 p.m. in the Faculty Room (or per Zoom) of the Anatomy Building - usually until about 1 p.m. The agenda of the meetings will be sent out a few days before each meeting.

All members of the Mittelbau are cordially invited to attend the meetings. Each Institute of Vetsuisse receives one vote in elections and votes (as a rule by the institute's representative).

More information about the Mittelbau

A document providing more information about the Mittelbau can be found here <P:\MITTELBAU\Info_All> as well via the Universität Bern website (Here)

The institute representatives and board members are also happy to provide information.