Offers from the Department for Equality at the University of Bern

The Vetsuisse Faculty strives to support you, the employees, in balancing family and career. The faculty appreciates that you are engaged not only in your professional activities but also in the care of your children, in your partnership, in the care of relatives or in voluntary duties.

Based on the guidelines and information from the Department of Equality for women and men at the University of Bern (AfG), we offer here an overview of topics and individual bodies, which make finding the balance easier.

Family and child care at the University of Bern

The KIHOB Foundation for Childcare Provision at the University of Bern provides and assists in family-oriented care and supports children of the University of Bern. 

What to do in emergencies? Would you prefer to have your child or children looked after by a nanny? Answers to these questions can be found here:

The university strives to create child-friendly and family-friendly places: for example, there is a nursing room, a parent-child room and a range of highchairs for children in some university canteens. For the location of these facilities and instructions for use click here:

In cases where financial short-comings arise in connection with the balance of family and work or continuing education, various scholarship opportunities are offered by the Canton or by other foundations. An overview of what is available or to discuss with an advisor, please consult the following webpage:


Are you faced with major challenges, such as managing work and childcare or the care of relatives? The Department of Equality offers partnership counselling for employees in cooperation with the “Fachstelle UND – Familien und Erwerbsarbeit für Männer und Frauen". Employees can take advantage of individual counselling or counselling with their partner. This gives the opportunity to reflect on the current situation and to develop new action plans and solutions for improving the balance of work and family/private life. More information and registration for coaching is available here:

The Welcome Centre is a central information and advisory service for new researchers, teachers and their families. It provides assistance and guidance prior to arriving, and during your stay in Bern and advises on topics such as searching for housing, health insurance, budget planning, German courses, child care and similar challenges. All information on the Welcome Centre is found here:

Flexible working time model

The Department for Gender Equality offers advice on various flexible working time models. However, you can also consult the personnel department, an external consulting company or the legal department of the University of Bern. The University of Bern has also issued an information sheet and guidelines on job-sharing. There are also regulations on working from home and paid and unpaid leave. Click here:

If you wish to have a personal interview to discuss one of these topics, please contact the Gender Equality Coordinator of the Vetsuisse Faculty.

For more information on this subject, follow this link (in German).

The University of Bern focuses on seven issues:

  • Compatibility between work/study and family/private life.
  • Quality assurance and equal opportunities in employment procedures
  • Career planning with the help of mentoring programs
  • Breaking of stereotypes in study choices
  • Discrimination
  • Stereotyping
  • Promotion of Young Scientists