Research fields

Research at the Vetsuisse Bern aims to increase knowledge in the fields of animal diseases and the processes of disease promotion and prevention, to develop approaches for improving health management and the welfare of animals, to investigate animal welfare, to study veterinary issues that are relevant to public health and society, and to exploit the power of animal disease models in order to contribute to biomedical research. Strategically, the faculty integrates research capacities in four Research Priority Foci in order to reach a high international standard and to secure ample extramural funding. The Foci integrate researchers with different specializations, encompassing basic and applied work to promote interaction between researchers working on different aspects of a research topic and to facilitate technology transfer. In order to maintain diversity in research topics and to create germinative centers for new topics and new personalities, research at Vetsuisse Bern is not restricted to these Foci but also includes independent projects. Research performance is assessed regularly, both by internal and external evaluations.