Doctoral studies

The Vetsuisse Faculty offers a doctorate ( To be admitted to the doctoral program, you need a Master in Veterinary Medicine or an equivalent degree. Information on admission and enrolment can be found at the Department for Admission, Enrolment and Counselling at the University of Bern.

Important information:

_ You can submit your dissertation on a USB stick and do not have to burn a CD, as stated in the guidelines.  

_ From June 2023, only 4 (no longer 6) printed copies are required.

The deadlines for submission of dissertations in 2024 are as follows:

26 January 2024
5 April 2024
9 August 2024
8 November 2024

The dissertations can be submitted to the dean's office. Either in person or by post (postmarked as date of submission).

You also have the option of having your dissertation published in Open Access on BORIS Theses. More detailed information can be found at BORIS Theses und Dissertationen.